The first edition of Speculative Tourism was commissioned by the 2017 Jerusalem Design Week. It consists of 8 tours created by local authors, activists, artists and journalists.

New London


This edition was commissioned by Connecticut College’s Ammerman Center for Intersections: the 16th Biennial Symposium on Arts and Technology. It consists of 4 tours by local activists and students from the college.



This edition was commissioned by ZUMO for their 2018 site in Arad. It consists of 4 tours by local community members and writers.

A summary by the Arad Contemporary Art Center (in Hebrew) can be found here.




Our next edition will take place in Berlin’s Prinzessinnengarten and is commissioned by Nachbar­schafts­akademie and nGbK Berlin. The workshop will be conducted in August 2019 and tours are expected to be made available at the garden itself later this summer.

All of our tours are freely accessible on-site, either through local depositories or online via the Tales and Tours app.